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The Entry Cross Kiosk is an all-in-one system. This means that no extra PC is required to set the system up, no messy wires and peripherals are needed on your desk and all necessary hardware is built into one plug and play unit. All that is needed to install the Entry Cross Kiosk is an Internet connection and a power outlet.

The Entry Cross Kiosk:

Entry Cross Kiosk Camera
Entry Cross Kiosk Speakers
USB Keyboard


Takes high-resolution photo of your visitor.

Built in Speakers

All screens are accompanied by professionally recorded audio prompts. Speakers are amplified to provide ample sound volume in any environment.


Optional off-screen keyboard for administrative use.

Entry Cross Kiosk
Entry Cross License Scanner
Dymo 450 Turbo Badge Printer

Touchscreen Monitor

Makes visitor input fast and efficient. No keyboard or mouse necessary!

Drivers License Scanner

Scans Driver licenses from all 50 states & over 500 other ID formats for quick sign-in and identification purposes.

Visitor Badge Printer

Quickly prints visitor badges with name, date, and photo.

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