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Entry Cross Software

What are the software features of Entry Cross?

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What is the price of the Entry Cross Kiosk?

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Can I use Entry Cross to track employee time and attendance for my employees or faculty?

Yes Entry Cross tracks sign-in and sign-out time for your employees, faculty, volunteers, contractors, and anyone else you wish to track for time and attendance. A full array of time and attendance reporting is available, including administrative utilities to correct and modify time in/out. Entry Cross can also take a photo of the employee during sign-in/sign-out, preventing issues with buddy punching where one employee signs in for another.


What reports are available through Entry Cross?

One of the most valuable features of Entry Cross is the report tool that allows you to view the statistics and other information on visitor traffic in your facility. All of the reports are available via the web, meaning you can access important information from anywhere with only a PC and a web browser. Reports can be as general as a blanket visitor report, right down to specific drill-downs by particular visitor or host. All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF format directly from your browser if you need to do any additional breakdowns with the data.



Can Entry Cross integrate with other software?

Yes. Entry Cross can integrate with Microsoft Exchange Servers to automatically populate your staff directory, allowing visitors to select the staff member they wish to visit from a list. Additionally, this allows the kiosk to notify your staff of visitor arrivals via cellphone text message and email. Another new feature expected in 2013, is the ability to connect directly to student information systems. This will allow the kiosk to automatically sign in late students and keep track of early dismissals everyday, all while updating information live into your student management system. If you have a need to connect to other systems, we can certainly do an analysis of the system and our cusom development team can provide quotes and a timeframe to get those connections completed.


Can Entry Cross integrate with an ID Card System?

Yes. Entry Cross can integrate with most ID Card systems available and can in fact even be used for ID Card production. This would require an ID Card printer and ID Card software to be connected to the Entry Cross kiosk. Visit our ID Card System page for an overview of our Photo ID system offerings. In cases where there is an existing ID Card system, the cards can be barcoded to make use of Entry Cross's time and attendance features as well. Depending on the integration necessary, additional development charges may apply. For more information, email your request to


How does Entry Cross' background checking work?

Entry Cross is able to provide instant background checking on all your visitor traffic against the national sex offender registry. In addition, Entry Cross can also check against your own list of individuals who are not allowed in the building, also known as your Red Flag list. You can turn these features on or off depending on the needs in your facility. It works as follows:


When a visitor signs in, Entry Cross runs the visitor record instantly against the database of sex offenders and the facility Red Flag list. If a match is made, the visitor does not receive a normal visitor badge instead, the visitor will receive a printed badge that states VOID and instructs the visitor to hand the badge to a facility employee. At the same time, Entry Cross can instantly notify appropriate personnel via email or phone message that a match has been made against the list of unwanted visitors. The void badge contains a record ID# that is used by a facility employee to look up the matched record on the Entry web site, from any web-enabled PC or from the kiosk itself. This will display all information available on the unwanted visitor, including photo, name, date of birth and last known address, as well as other physical characteristics including scars, marks and tattoos. This information will provide all that is needed to verify that the visitor signing in is or is not a person who should not be on your campus or in your building.


How does Entry Cross Visitor Registration work?

Another key benefit to Entry Cross is the ability to register frequent visitors. Using this feature, visitors can choose to register themselves after signing in. The visitor will then be issued a Entry Cross Frequent Visitor Pass, which can be attached to a key ring.


The pass is hard plastic and contains a unique bar code that identifies that visitor. On subsequent visits, the visitor simply waves the Frequent Visitor Pass in front of the Entry Cross bar code scanner to sign in and out. This allows the visitor to quickly, instantly and accurately sign themselves in and out of the facility and allows visitor traffic to flow much faster in your front office or lobby.


Does Entry Cross require a network connection, or an internet connection?

No. The Entry Cross Kiosk unit can run stand-alone, free and clear of any internet or network connections. Providing an internet connection can offer additional benefits, including more responsive support from Entry Cross, instant and trouble-free updates to the software, and access to the Entry Cross reporting and other features via a web browser. However, the product was designed to work stand-alone and provide effective visitor management without the need for a data connection.


The Entry Cross Web software does require an internet connection, as it is a hosted application that runs on the web browser. For more information on both the Entry Cross Kiosk and the Entry Cross Web software, visit our product feature list.


Can I customize the questions that Entry Cross asks a visitor during sign-in?

Yes. Entry Cross includes an administrator utility that allows features and questions to be enabled or disabled. A great deal of customization is possible using the included software. If there are additional specific questions or customer inputs you would like to include, Entry Cross Solutions is able to build a custom template for your needs. If you are interested in more information, please contact


What about high-traffic environments? Will Entry Cross cause a traffic jam?

No. Entry Cross can handle any volume of traffic you have at your facility. Through the use of the Entry Cross Frequent Visitor Pass, your visitors can sign in and out of your facility in just a few seconds. If you are experiencing very high visitor traffic, in excess of 150 visitors a day, you can add additional Entry Cross kiosks to better handle the volume.


What does the Entry Cross visitor badge look like? Can it be customized or printed in color?

The Entry Cross visitor badge can be printed for each visitor that signs in to your facility. It provides an instant, photo-based identification of every visitor in your building, and it also serves as proof to your employees that the visitor signed in using Entry Cross when they entered the building. The badge also contains a bar code that is unique to that visitor; all the visitor needs to do to sign out of the building is wave the badge in front of the Entry Cross bar code scanner. The standard Entry Cross badge is pictured below; any of the items on the badge can be customized to your particular needs. In addition, the badge can be printed on a number of styles of paper, including peel-and-stick name badges, card stock for insertion into a lanyard, and even self-expiring badges that turn bright red in color after 24 hours. Entry Cross also supports the printing of color badges using standard color inkjet or color laser printers.


Entry Cross Hardware

What is the Entry Cross Kiosk?

The kiosk is the hardware used to run the Entry Cross software. It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the strong impression of a serious security measure on the part of your building or facility. The kiosk is an attractive, all-in-one unit that includes the following hardware components:


Integrated camera with built-in tilt control


Speakers for audio prompts of the visitor inputs


Touchscreen for use by visitor to sign in / out


Badge printer for printing visitor badges


Bar code scanner for scanning visitor badge bar codes for easy, quick sign-out


Driver license scanner for scanning licenses and extracting name and date of birth for faster sign-in.


Integrated PC with 2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and complete cooling system


Windows 7 installed


The kiosk ships with a USB mouse and keyboard for use by administrators when needed. Entry Cross also offers an optional swivel base for the kiosk.


What are the dimensions of the kiosk?

12”H x 11”W x 9”D

The kiosk weighs 13 lbs. with included tabletop stand. It was designed to fit securely on most counter tops. It can be bolted to the counter or tabletop surface.


What is the warranty on the hardware?

The kiosk unit carries a three-year overnight replacement warranty on the internal pc. Extended warrantys are also available - contact for more detailed information.



What do I do if there is a hardware failure?

Call Entry Cross Solutions immediately to get a replacement internal PC overnighted immediately. Remember, the Entry Cross hosts your information off-site, so all information will be right back on the kiosk when a new internal PC is installed the next day.


What are the costs of the visitor badges, and where do I purchase them?

Entry Cross Solutions sells the visitor badges on the Entry web site. Each roll of badges contains 250 badges. The current price for the badges can be found on the Entry Cross Visitor Management System Supplies page.


What are the costs of the Entry Cross Frequent Visitor Key tags, and where do I purchase them?

The Frequent Visitor key tags can be purchased directly from Red Circle Solutions.


Entry Cross Support and Maintenance

What kind of support is offered with Entry Cross?

In addition to the hardware warranty and support listed above, the Entry Cross software comes complete with one year of support and maintenance. This provides the customer with one year of remote support assistance, a unique feature of Entry Cross that allows the Entry Cross tech support staff to take control of the kiosk and address any issues, at your request. In addition Entry Cross will provide the customer with a full year of updates to the software.


What about software updates?

If your Entry Cross kiosk is connected to the Internet, all updates to the kiosk are automatic and run in the background.


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