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The Entry Cross Visitor Management Kiosk is the first all-in-one, self sign-in visitor management kiosk available. It can keep an accurate log of visitors at any facility, perform background checks against the Megan's Law registry, notify security staff of security threats, sign in late students and generate reports through any web browser!


With all the necessary hardware built into one kiosk unit, there is no need to connect a keyboard, mouse or any peripherals to the unit, which makes the kiosk an attractive security addition to any lobby environment. The Entry Cross Kiosk also has the ability to notify your staff of visitor arrival by connecting directly to your LDAP server installation or Microsoft Active Directory. For those visitors who come through your doors regularly, the kiosk can also assign frequent visitor key tags or ID Cards, allowing frequent visitors to sign in by merely swiping a barcode!


  • Background Checks

Perform instant background checks against a custom list of banned individuals as well as select criminal databases. Immediately alert appropriate personnel if a match is made.


  • Employee Directory

Provide visitors with current employee directory through integrations with your Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP server installation. The employee is immediately notified of visitor arrival via email and/or text message.

  • Advanced Scheduling and Screening

Screen visitors in advance of arrival, informing security personnel of expected visitors and streamlining the check-in process.


  • Web Access

The Entry Cross Administrative Utility provides secure access to visitor records, reports, configuration settings and other important information from anywhere in the world.


  • Positive Image

Cutting-edge technology and professional badges enhance your facility’s image and leaves a positive perception on visitors. Customize the welcome screen with your logo or message.


  • Frequent Visitor Registration

Register frequent visitors, employees, and volunteers, making future sign-ins and sign-outs much faster via key tags or stick-on barcodes.


  • Flexible Features Set

Determine how visitor management works in your environment. Record visitor photo, driver’s license, reason for visit, time and date of visit, person being visited and much more.


  • Multiple Kiosk Options Available:


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Compact desktop kiosk for indoor use at security or reception desks.

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Turn your tablet or PC into a free-standing Entry Cross kiosk.

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